Company Description

EAP is an event-based endurance sports coaching company specializing in the creation of high-level training camps for amateur endurance athletes hoping to achieve new levels of fitness and accomplish their goals. EAP focuses on the use of altitude and scientific training methods to prepare its clients for specific events, some of which occur at altitude, and all of which require incredible physical stamina: IRONMAN triathlons, endurance mountain bike races, and ultra-marathon running. EAP markets both directly to potential clients as well as coaches and team managers. EAP coaches clients at these camps, and may later act either as a client’s personal coach directly or assist their current coach in preparing for an event. EAP connects its clients to other coaches, athletes, and professionals in the world of endurance sports to provide an unrivaled level of expert knowledge, experience, and feedback.

Service Line

- Altitude Camps (peak performance  overreach  taper) + new equipment, addt’l services (coaching; bike fit; running / swimming stroke analysis; massage; nutrition class; equipment testing;

- Winter Camps (endurance/base training/skill development/opportunity to be in the warmer climate)